Used Rails R50-R65 ( Ferrous Scrap )

Used Rails R50-65 . Cut into 1.2 m. - details see: //
Place of Origin: Bangkok ThailandComposition: Ferrous Steel ScrapApplication: Re-rolling 
Used Rails R50-R65 ( Ferrous Scrap )
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The Seller guarantee to the Buyer that the Goods delivered under the present Contract will correspond to the characteristics shown below:

All goods sold by Seller are totally free from any types of radiation, bombs, arms and ammunition, mines, shell, cartridges, sealed containers, gas cylinders, explosive shells or explosive materials in any form either used or otherwise as per the goods below.

Specification: Used Rails R 50-R65

ISRI Code (27/29) R50 (51.67 Kg/Meter – GOST 7173-75)

ISRI Code (27/29) R65 (64.72 Kg/Meter – GOST 8165-75)

The scrap consists of R50-R65 (50% minimum) of Rails as R-50 (51.67

kg/m- GOST-7173-75), R65 (64.72 kg/m-GOST- 165-75), and Length:

between 1 meter (min.) to 1.5 meters (max) not exciding 1.5 meters,

according to INCOTERMS-2010.

Packaging Detail:As per buyer demand
Delivery Detail:10 days after confirming advance payment

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