Veterinary magnet - SDCM02

veterinary magnet, Material:YD30 Ferrites, Measure:3/4''Dia. X 3-3/8''Long, Feature:Ru-master 5 cow magnets - details see: //
Place of Origin: Zhejiang China (Mainland)Brand Name: NeutralModel Number: SDCM02Material: YD30 Ferrites
Measures: 3/4''Dia. X 3-3/8''LongFeature: Ru-master 5 cow magnetsColor: Metal parts with nickel platedProduct Type: Livestock
Style: AliveCertification: no yetWeight (kg): 0.09Type: Cattle
Veterinary magnet
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Veterinary magnet SDCM02

Ru-master 5 cow magnet --- Heavy Duty !!!

Measure: 3/4''Dia. X 3-3/8''Long


1.For the control of hardware disease.

2.This magnet's ringed ferrite assembly allows it to have maximum strength.

3.The plated end caps help prevent corrosion, and the rounded ends also help prevent damage to the bovine rumen.

4.Pole pieces between the five magnets enhance the magnets' power.

5.Objects such as nails are attracted and lay parallel to the cow magnet.

What's this ???

While grazing, cows eat everything including any stray pieces of metal or nails
that may be lying in a pasture. When ingested, these bits of metal do not pass
through, but can instead puncture the lining of the cow's stomach and cause what
is known as hardware disease. Before this happens, a cow magnet is injected into
the cow's stomach with a pill gun, and catches all the stray metal the cow eats.
The magnet will stay in the stomach for the life of the cow. Cow magnets also
have many practical uses such as holding nails or other iron objects in place,
or cleaning up nails or staples that have been scattered. This cowmagnet consists of five ceramic ring
magnets with two washers in between each magnet and solid steel end caps.

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Packaging Detail:25pcs/box,200pcs/carton Carton size:42*19*9cm
Delivery Detail:within 20days after received deposit

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