weded wedge wire screen(manufacturer) - SL-ZB756,we can desigh as your requirements

weded wedge wire screen, 1. ISO9001:2008, 2.Slot: 0.1mm (min), 3.Wire Width: 1.5-5.5mm, 4.Material: Stainless Steel - details see:
Place of Origin: Hebei China (Mainland)Brand Name: SHUNLIANModel Number: SL-ZB756,we can desigh as your requirementsThickness: 1.5-5.5mm
Width: diameter: 1000mm(max)Length: 6000mm(max)Material: Stainless Steel,MetalGrade: stainless steel and low carbon steel
Usage: solid filterType: Mine Sieving MeshHole Shape: SquareFilter Rating: 1-99%
Slot: 0.1mm (min)   
weded wedge wire screen(manufacturer)
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wedge wire screen

1. ISO9001:2008
2.Slot: 0.1mm (min)
3.Wire Width: 1.5-5.5mm
3.Material: Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel etc.

Sieve Bend Industrial Applications:

The sieve provides primary treatment for:

Agriculture: Feed screening and feed recovery

Meat Packing: Hair recovery, catch basin sludge

Chemical: Screening of fiberglass waste, plastics, rubber compounds, polyethylene, resins, fillers, pigments, pharmaceuticals, fertilizers, organic/inorganic materials and various total waste flows

Pulp/Paper: Kraft pulp mill effluent, white water, kraft rejects kraft liquor ground-wood, press liquor, sulfite pulp, second fibers, log flume water, total waste flow.

Textiles: Removing solids from scouring operations, bleaching operations, dyeing operations, synthetics, cotton, wool etc., total waste flow.

Food Processing: Screening and/or recovery of vegetables, fruits, meats, poultry, pork, mushrooms, others, total waste flow.

ApplicationSlot OpeningWire WidthGPM / FT
Coal, 20% solids.020".063"120
Coal, 20% solids.020".093"100
Cranberry dewatering.020".063"100
Seafood, plant effluent.020".093"60
Coal, 20% solids.040".120"160
Coal, 20% solids040".093"120
Vegetable, primary.040".093"130
Meat Packing, wash down.040".093"60
Municipal, primary.060".093"150
Dairy, wash down.060".093"120
Wood Fiber, plant effluent.060".093"80
Vegetable, waste.125".093"350
Packaging Detail:in good order
Delivery Detail:within 20 days for 300 pieces

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