Arc spray wire (Ultra hard wearble wire) - SX-801

1.Good wearing resistant, 2.Have good ductility, 3.Good corrosion resistance - details see: //
Place of Origin: Guangdong China (Mainland)Brand Name: SanxinModel Number: SX-801 
Arc spray wire (Ultra hard wearble wire)
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Ultra-hard wearable spray wire

SX-801 ultra-hard wearable spray wire

Application: SX-801 is a kind of tubular ultra-hard nanometer-powder spray wire. It fully exerts the special effect of nanometer-powder so as to gain a super-hard and ultra-wear-resistent coating that reaches the targeted indexes.

Main ingredients

Chromium (Cr), nickel (Ni), boron (B) and Cr3C2 hard ceramics

Microstructure of SX-801 spray coating

The mixture of Cr3C2 and its resultant product during spraying acts as framework of the coating structure. NiCrB which have good ductility and corrosion resistance acts as the carrier of the hard particle mixture. The hard particle mixture evenly inlays into the NiCrB carrier to form a good coating.

SX-800 wearable performance

The hard particle mixture of Cr3C2 and its resultant product during spraying has good wearing resistant ability as the carbide of Cr has high hardness.

SX-801 ductility performance

The carbide of Cr has high hardness but its coefficient of thermal expansion differs greatly with the substrate. So there’s a need that carrier should have good ductility, in other works, it should have similar coefficient of thermal expansion as to the substrate. The NiCrB carrier and the rendering transition guarantee good ductility so that coating won’t break while temperature changes.

SX-801 anti-corrosion performance

NiCrB has good anti-corrosion to protect the hard particles from falling off the carrier and the coating from losing effectiveness while functioning in corrosive environment.

SX-801 basic parameters of coating

Bond strength ≥45Mpa

Thickness ≥0.6mm

Hardness ≥HRC52

Porosity ≤1%

Effective protecting period: 1year

Heat transfer coefficient: 34-38 w/m. k

Linear expansion coefficient: 12.5*10^-6/°C

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Packaging Detail:Ultra-hard wearable spray wire it will be package by wood box and iron box
Delivery Detail:7Days

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