calcium carbonate fertilizer

size: 250-300mesh 800mesh 1250mesh, hardness:3, shape:grain powder, color:white and black, Used in rubber plastic cable paint - details see:
Place of Origin: Hebei China (Mainland)Type: Quick LimeApplication: Architectural paintShape: Powder
Raw Material: Gypsum   
calcium carbonate fertilizer
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Mainly Applications:

1. In rubber manufacture: Calcium carbonate was the earliest filler used in the rubber industry. It can enlarge the capacity in the rubber products, for saving the cost. It also enhance the tensile strength, abrasion and tearing strength.

2. Plastic manufacture:As the framwork in plastic products, keeping stablity of the products, strengthen the products, keeing surface smoothly, Since the calcium carbonate is hight white, it can place the expensive the white ployethylene, for whitening the plastic products.

3.Paper making:Whitening the paper, and as the fller, can reducing the pulp, for saving the cost.:

4.Paints: PCC is innocuous, white color, and has good stability, as the filler in paints, avoid the paint settlement, easy get dispersed, make good glossiness

INDEX NAMEstandard Aour test result
CaCo3 content ≥,9799.2
PH value(10%soliquoid)8.0-10.59.5
Particle size um(average)--2.0-3.0
Moisture Content ≤--0.3
Oil Absorption ml/100g ≤--38
Insoluble substance in HCL acid %≤0.20.1
Depression Volume, ml/g ≥2.62.6
Fe content ≤0.10.08
Mn content , ≤0.0080.007
Residue 125um % ≤0.010.008
Whiteness ≥9095

Packaging Detail:25kg.woven plastic bag
Delivery Detail:within half a month after confirm the order

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