Copper bar

production of oxygen-free copper bar producing from high grade copper cathodes M00K - details see: //
Place of Origin: UzbekistanCu (Min): 99.99999  
Copper bar
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«Yukorichirchik Metall Invest» LLC is a new venture established in the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan and focused on the production of oxygen-free copper bar producing from high grade copper cathodes M00K.

At present time, the company completed commissioning and the company started to produce final product.

Production capacity is up to 400 tons of solid oxygen-free copper bus bar (SHMTV) per month.

Copper bars have a rectangular cross section. Production is carried out in accordance with the requirements of GOST 434-78. In the manufacture of bars used copper cathode copper grade M00K whose chemical composition corresponds to GOST 859-79.

Up today, the company has in stock the following range of copper bars:

  • copper bar 40x4;
  • copper bar 40x5;
  • copper bar 50x5;
  • copper bar 60x6;
  • copper bar 100x10.

We accept orders for manufacturing copper bars of different sizes depending on the needs of the buyer.

Delivery of finished products carried in bundles weighing no more than 200 kg.

Product price is set based on the current market conditions and the volume purchased.

Payment terms - 100% prepayment.

Direct delivery from the manufacturer of copper cathodes grade M00K in Uzbekistan, allow us to offer products at the most competitive prices.

Qualified team of our company, fast execution of your order, the factory warranty for the products and an adequate level of prices, guarantee you the best experience of working with us.

We hope for a long-term partnership

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