FRP Corrugated sheet - BW1050

FRP Fiberglass Corrugated Sheet:, Thick:0.6-3mm, Width and length:per buyer require, Color:per buyer require, Guarantee:15years - details see: //
Place of Origin: Zhejiang China (Mainland)Brand Name: SUNLIGHTFRPModel Number: BW1050Application: Greenhouse Roofing
Surface Treatment: Dupon301 UV Resistance filmTechnique: Pultrusion formingDimensions: 1050*5800product name: FRP Corrugated Sheet
certificate: CE,SGE,ISOtechnical: pultrusion formingcolor: translucent,clear,transparentraw-materials: resin,fiberglass,film
width: 1000mmdrawing profile: per buyer require  
FRP Corrugated sheet
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FRP Corrugated Sheet Specifications:

  • Thickness:0.6mm,0.8mm,1.0mm,1.2mm,1.5mm,1.8mm,2.0mm,2.5mm,3.0mm,or as per buyer required.
  • Width:as per buyer required
  • Color: Standard RAL colors,such as clear,red,green,blue,yellow,white,etc,or customized as per buyer required.
  • Drawing Profiles:more than 300 FRP Corrugated Sheet profiles in stock for your choose or customized as per buyer required.
  • Guarantee:15years guarantee provided.

Production Structure FRP Corrugated Sheet:

FRP(Fiberglass Reinforced Polyester) Structure consist of Fiberglass,Reinforced,Polyester.The FRP Corrugated Sheet raw-materials are Fiberglass,Resin,Film.

FRP Corrugated Sheet Technical Property:

1.Corrosion Resistance

2.Strong Strength

3.Aging Resistance

4.Chalking Resistance


6.Yellowish Resistance

7.Cheaper Maintenance

8.Excellent Performance

FRP Corrugated Sheet Physical and Chemical Data Sheets:

1Tensile Strength100Mpa
2Tensile Module3700Mpa
3Flexural Strength190Mpa
4Flexural Strength4000Mpa
5Barcloe Hardness40gm/cm3-45gm/cm3
7Polyester Resin72.5%
8Fire Retardant Co-efficient27.10%
9Thermal Conductivity0.6w/mk
10Heat Resistant Temperature-50°Cto 130°C
11Anti Ultraviolet Rate98%-100%
12Thermal expansion co-efficient2.75X10`5cm/cm degree
14Solid Content58.2-67.4
15Unit Weight2.4kg/m
16Tensile Elongation at break≥2.5%
18Light transmission≥80%

FRP Corrugated Sheet ideal for Allowing Light In All Types of Buildings

FRP Corrugated Sheet Used in Industrial Fields

  • Roof Lights for Warehouses
  • Roof Lights for Workshops
  • Roof Lights for Steel Structure Project
  • Roof Lights for Storage Facilities

FRP Corrugated Sheet Used in Agricultural Fields

  • Roof Lights for Barns
  • Roof Lights for Farm & Storage Buildings
  • Roof Lights for Stables
  • Roof Lights for Greenhouse Project
  • Roof Lights for Cattle Sheds

FRP Corrugated Sheet Used in Domestic Fields

  • Roof Lights for Garages
  • Roof Lights for Lean-to's
  • Roof Lights for Sheds
  • Roof Lights for Car Ports

FRP Corrugated Sheet Sales Team Service:

  • Professional and experienced sales team
  • Experienced documentary team.
  • High efficiency shipping team.
  • Competitive prices for FRP Corrugated Sheet
  • Delivery service available(subject to terms and conditions)
  • All enquires welcome

FRP Corrugated Sheet Guarantee Paper:

According to different FRP Corrugated Sheet thickness ,we have 15years,20years and 25years guarantee papers provided for customers.All FRP Corrugated Sheet installation should be comply with right instructions.

FRP Corrugated Sheet Fixing Instructions:

1.Drilled Holes:

Holes for fixing should drilled and not punched and should be 2mm larger in diameter than the fixing accessories.

Roofing bolts and nuts.Self-tapping screw with sealing rings and washers.

Washers minimum 32mm should be incorporated with the above fixings,complete with suitable sealing rings or washers.

Where FRP Corrugated sheets with corrugations over 25mm depth are fixed through the crowns to intermediate purlins.Shaped packing pieces should be located between the crown of thesheet and the support.

This should allow the fixing to tightened sufficiently without distance the profile of the sheet.

Fixing should not be located less than 50mm from the ends of sheets.

2.Side laps:

All side laps should be stitch (seam)bolted at maximum 300mm(12in)centers forroof pitches below 10 and maximum 375mm(15in) centers for roof pitches 10 and over.

In vertical cladding applications all side laps should be stitch(seam) bolted at maximum 450mm(18in) cenetrs.

3.End laps:

Minimum end laps,if unsealed,should be as follow:-

Below 15o roof pitch–not recommended .

Over 15o roof pitch–300(12in) lap.

Over 22,1/2o roof pitch-150mm(6 in) lap.

Where sealed end laps are used a minimum 150mm(6 in) lap is sufficient.

It is recommended that FRP Corrugated sheets should not overhang supports at eaves by more than 230mm.


Side laps between FRP Corrugated sheets should always be sealed,using closed cell P.V C.self adhesive type or mastic sealing strip.

Side laps and end laps between FRP Corrugated Sheet and other roofing materials on roof pitches15o or less shouldalways be sealed using closed cell P. V.C. self–adhesivetape or mastic sealing strip.

On steeper roof pitches ,where FRP Corrugated Sheet is used in Conjunct ion with other roofingmaterials, side mend laps Should be sealed to the same specification as for the othermaterials.

5.Flat Sheeting:

FRP Flat Sheets should be supported at all edges and support centers should be noGrater than 610mm at least one direction.

FRP Corrugated Sheet More Pictures:

FRP Corrugated Sheet Loading pictures:

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Packaging Detail:Often naked package with full container,or using the wooden pallet packed when LCL.or customized as per buyer needed.
Delivery Detail:15days after order confirmed

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