hot selling ceramic fiber gland rope - 1260DEG.C

1.170-180g/m, 2.580-610kg/m3, 3.800m/roll, 4.8ton/month, 5.refractory ceramic fiber twisted rope - details see: //
Type: Round RopeApplication: Heat InsulationThickness: 3-50mmWidth: 3-50mm
Length: subject to customer's requirementGrade: HA (High Aluminum)Chemical Composition: AI2O3+SiO2 AI2O3 Fe2O3Ultimate Strength (≥ MPa): (≥ MPa): 0.5
Working Temperature: 1260°CFiber Diameter: 3μmThermal Conductivity: <0.18W/m ° K aShrinkage (1800?, 3h): 24hr
Place of Origin: Hebei China (Mainland)Brand Name: AHModel Number: 1260DEG.Ccolor: white
hot selling ceramic fiber gland rope
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Specifications of Ceramic Fiber Twist Rope

5.refractory ceramic fiber twisted rope

Product Type:

Ceramic Firber Square Rope

Main Specification
Metal Thread Reinforcement—SPSLength of side (diameter):6-60mm(0-/+15%)
Fiberglass Reinforcement —SPGVolume long: 100m-15m +(200-300)mm
Product ApplicationOperating Parameter
Each industry kiln stove and furnace top seal, heatpreservationClassified temperature: 1260°C
Other high temperature seal domainsApplication temperature: SPS--1000°C
Fiber Diameter(um)2-5
Fiber Length(mm)100-200
Containing water coefficient<2%

Heat-transmit coefficient(w/m.k)

300°C 0.12-0.13
600°C 0.13-0.16
1000°C 0.17-0.20
Acid and Basic Resistance intensity:

(Soak in 10% NaOH or H2SO4for 72 hrs)

50% reservation
Burns the quantity< 18%
Packaging Detail:packed in plastic bag with inner pastic sheet protection
Delivery Detail:within 7 days

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