Hydrated lime - Nil

CaO 70-72%, 1 MgO < 1%, 2 SiO2 < 3%, 3 Al2O3 + Fe2O3 < 1%, 4 CO2 residual < 3% - details see: https://www.sourcingmetals.com/hydrated-lime-10190047
Place of Origin: Gujarat IndiaSize: .Type: Hydrated LimeApplication: Architectural paint
Shape: PowderModel Number: NilBrand Name: Anderson Chemicals - Hydrated limeRaw Material: Limestone
Hydrated lime
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Specification of Hydrated Lime


CaO 70-72%

MgO < 1%

SiO2 < 3%

Al2O3 + Fe2O3 < 1%

CO2 residual < 3%

Ca (OH) 2 > 92

Heavy Metals ppm


Grading Undersize 90 >92

Undersize 200 >98%

Apparent density 0, 5-0, 6

Color Off-white

Reactivity 120g sulfuric acid

( Neutralization Of pure acid for 90g hydrochloric acid

100g of lime) 160g nitric acid

  • Anderson Chemicals is a company that produces and market Specialty Fertilizers, Technical Chemicals and processes a basic white minerals such as Kaolin into high performance material.
  • As a chemical company our vision is to develop the industry through performance, growth and setting the industrial standards.
  • Our approach towards the needs of our customers, constantly developing the better processes and deep understanding of application know-how has gained production capabilities to serve the market place.
  • We are committed to the values of performance and quality assurance to meet your needs.
Packaging Detail:Paper bags of 25 KG, Big Bag and bulk
Delivery Detail:20 Days

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