NdFeb Big Ring Magnet - N35-N52; N-33M-N-50M; N-35H-N-48H; N-33SH-45SH; 30

NdFeb Ring Magnet, Neodymium magnet is the strongest magnetism and good coercive force. - details see: https://www.sourcingmetals.com/ndfeb-big-ring-magnet-10190414
Place of Origin: China (Mainland)Brand Name: DRAMAGModel Number: N35-N52; N-33M-N-50M; N-35H-N-48H; N-33SH-45SH; 30UH-N-40H;Type: Permanent
Composite: Neodymium MagnetShape: RingApplication: Industrial Magnet 
NdFeb Big Ring Magnet
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Grade: N35-N52; N-33M-N-50M; N-35H-N-48H; N-33SH-45SH; 30UH-N-40H; N30EH-N-38EH

Coating: (Ni, Ni+Cu+Ni, Ni+Cu, Ni+Cu+Sn, Ni+Cu+Epoxy, Epoxy, Blue Zn, Color Zn, etc.)

Transportation: By Sea, Air, Express.

Size: Tailor made by customer

Application: Acoustic equipment, Motor, Rotor, Sensor, Speaker, toy, etc.

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