New materials magnesia tundish slag dam

Intensity, anti-erosion;, Good chemical stability, corrosion-resistant;, Thermal stability, anti-stripping of good;, With good W - details see:
Place of Origin: Liaoning China (Mainland)Brand Name: TianrunMaterial: SteelRefractory: dam
steel-making: steel   
New materials magnesia tundish slag dam
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TR brand of new materials magnesia tundish slag dam, it is significant for lowering the content of continuous casting inclusions, improving the billets of metal phase and physical properties and reducing the outlet plug . with other material retaining wall compared , a high anti-spalling and low erosion rates, use good, was widely praised, at neutral and basicity products of the two series.

Product features:
Intensity, anti-erosion;
Good chemical stability, corrosion-resistant;
Thermal stability, anti-stripping of good;

With good erosion resistance and low SiO2content,the slag dam helps preventing impurity formation,absorbing AL2O3in molten steel,

Product application:

Our company's series of products can meet different customers' s of tundish magnesite slag dam


Chemical CompositionMgO≥76% SiO2≤6%

Physical Property

110°C B.D≥2.8g/cm3


1500°C B.D≥2.8g/cm3


Line charge 02--0.6%

Packaging Detail:big bag
Delivery Detail:10 days

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