Warranted Grade Calcined Kaolin - CK-1

1.Warranted Grade Calcined Kaolin, 2.SiO2 52%, 3.Use in paper coating,paint,rubber industry,etc, 4.Calcined kaolin,Washed kaolin - details see: //www.sourcingmetals.com/warranted-grade-calcined-kaolin-10174587
Place of Origin: Guangdong China (Mainland)Model Number: CK-1Type: Raw ClayTechnique: Calcined Kaolin
Dimensions: 0-5mm, 200mesh, 325meshSiO2 Content (%): 52-54Fe2O3 Content (%): 0.05%maxAl2O3 Content (%): 43.5-44.5
Moisture Content (%): 0.5maxWhiteness: 93minTiO2 Content (%): 0.9K2O Content (%): 0.40max
Application: Papersize 1: 0-5 mmsize 2: 200 meshsize 3: 325 mesh
Warranted Grade Calcined Kaolin
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1. Product Introduction

(1) Major Advantage:

As a result of high-purity kaolinite, a very low content of harmful elements, the

product has high whiteness, the average brightness can reach up to 89%, the

max whiteness can reach 93%, used for papermaking can improve the whiteness

of coated paper, partly replace titanium dioxide, can reduce the cost.Viscosity

concentration is high, up to 74%, good dispersion, good compatibility, It can paint

with good rheological properties, especially to prevent coating machine for coating

machine use of high solid content.The wear value low, raw material is heated evenly,

will not lead to local over-burning, after testing the wear value 7.6mg/2000.

(2) Usage

(A). The paper coating
(B). Paint, water-based latex paint
(C). Rubber reinforcing agent and special cables, industrial plastic packing function, ink,

food, medicine, cosmetic.

(D). High grade whiteness ceramics and special ceramics materials

2. Product Specification

(1) Chemical properties

SiO2 (%)Al2O3 (%)Fe2O3 (%)TiO2 (%)CaO (%)MgO (%)K2O+Na2O (%)

(2) Physical properties


Mg/2000 times

RefractivityOil absorbency


PH valueMoisture

3. Product Photos

4. Factory Introduction

5. Packing Information

50kgs/bag, or 1mt/bag, or 1.25mt/bag.

1*20 FCL can load 25-27 tons

Packaging Detail:50kgs/bag, or 1mt/bag, or 1.25mt/bag. 1*20 FCL can load 25-27 tons.
Delivery Detail:after signed contract within 20 days should be shipped on board.

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